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Meaning Fringe Event – A Nomadic Journey of Learning

Cost: £30

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November 14 @ 2:00 pm - 4:00 pm



Vanessa O’Shea
Alexandra Pearson

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Meaning Fringe Event – A Nomadic Journey of Learning
with Vanessa O’Shea
with Alexandra Pearson

A journey of 15 minute immersive experiences visiting 4 areas common to us all; self-discovery, community, culture, and work.

We invite you as fellow travellers in life, to explore your role in an ever demanding world. Each space is designed to challenge and inspire you to recognise your own unique contribution, so working together we can leave a positive legacy.


All children draw, all children play, and all children create stories. When do we stop? Art is a story. Take 15 minutes to escape into a sanctuary of self-discovery and imagination. Learn to draw like a child again; and rediscover your true and valuable story.


What is culture? How can we live and work with those whose cultures are different to ours? Our values are the biggest determinate of culture; they are also our biggest driver, shaping our decisions and our direction in life. Experience a values activity to connect with your true core values, and grow in understanding and awareness of those of others.


Who’s my tribe and what can we achieve together? Explore purpose and obligation. Experience connecting and collaborating. An interaction experience to find those who complement you and those who spark you.


What is the future of work? What should work look like in light of our growing understanding of what it means to be human? Explore the practical application of a modern organisation and learn how self-organisation and self-management can better serve an organisation’s purpose.


Numbers are limited to 50 participants. Book early to avoid disappointment.

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50 available
Nomadic Journey of Learning£30.00 exc VAT

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